Code of Ethics and Conduct

S.H.E. TRUCKING (S.H.E.) exists for the purpose of supporting, assisting, and empowering women in the transportation industry, and specifically for the mutual benefit, education, support, mentoring, networking, collaboration, work opportunities, and general career advancement of its members. As such, S.H.E. TRUCKING has adapted as a condition of membership, a Code of Ethics and Conduct.
The Code is intended to serve as a basis for ethical decision making in the conduct of professional work. Secondarily, it serves as a basis for judging the merit of a complaint pertaining to violation of professional ethical standards.

Adherence of professionals to a code of ethics and conduct is largely a voluntary matter. However, if a member engages in conduct that violates any aspect of this code, membership in S.H.E. TRUCKING may be terminated.

While affirming the necessity and desirability of maintaining full individuality and freedom of action, S.H.E. members pledge themselves to uphold the principles contained in the S.H.E. Code of Ethics & Conduct, pledge their support to S.H.E. itself and to the principles of honorable coexistence, professionalism, integrity, and honesty in their relationships with co-members.

S.H.E. firmly believes that adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct is the only acceptable way of doing business and is the personal responsibility of every one of our members. S.H.E. believes in fair dealing, integrity, trustworthiness, the values of equality, tolerance, respect for others, and the principles of effectuating upward mobility within the network.

The mission is accomplished by members who conduct their business with professionalism, act with integrity, volunteer services to S.H.E. programs, provide professional support for colleagues, and comply with the codes and ethics of S.H.E..

This defines who we are and this governs the S.H.E. TRUCKING Code of Ethics and Conduct.

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